Test management

Through comprehensive testing we assure the quality of changes to IT solutions

A wide range of testing tasks plays an important role in our portfolio.

One of the key pillars of application management is to provide the right quality of testing for both our in-house developments, as well as the development of other solution groups.

Testing methods

Our testing services can be divided into three main areas:

  • Test management
  • Automated testing
  • Manual testing
Test management
Test management

Test management

Our colleagues have years of experience - independently of project methodologies - in conducting tests in different environments.

We are well versed in both manual and automated testing. Our test managers, upon request, follow the entire test cycle all the way from planning to operation.

Automated testing

During automated testing, we strive to find the most suitable solution. We not only handle "simple" automation of manual test cases (automating existing steps without modification), but we also recommend optimized solutions using dynamic points that can be integrated into the test cases - thus providing greater flexibility in the application.

Test management
Test management

Manual testing

Although automated testing can provide a great test coverage in many cases, there are always special cases where only manual testing can be applied. We want to answer this challenge with our well-trained and highly dedicated test team, who have gained experience in testing applications, writing and executing manual test cases, documenting errors and assisting in fixing them.